Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blood donation

There is a blood donation drive at the company I work for on the coming 2nd July 2009. It was almost 10 years since my last donation of blood.

I've asked around a few of my peers if they will join me as a blood donor. The feedback were just very negative as they seems to be not keen at all. I was turned down by them totally.

I look at this blood donation campaign as a golden opportunity to do some charity as the hospital crew is coming to the doorstep and what we need to do is just lay on the bed, relax and you're done. Honestly, I've forbear towards blood, but it can be easily overcome by keeping my eyes away from the red color precious human fluid. End of the day, there is not a big deal of some small pain where in return it saves life.

1 comment:

Jayce said...

Thanks for the reminder. It also been a year since my last donation. ^_^"


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