Friday, May 23, 2008

Chinese Outside Mainland China

Few days ago, I was having lunch with my colleagues at a vegetarian shop. One of them is not Chinese educated (meaning that he or she has not received formal Mandarin education at school).

We were discussing on the earthquake that hit Sichuan province of China recently, the non Chinese educated colleague was like left out on the topic. To my curiosity, I asked:” Did you follow the news on China?” The reply was:” Yes, but it was very brief, just half a page, that’s all. Those news or touching stories that you guys talk about were not reported.”

This is because besides Chinese Press like Nanyang Press and Sin Chew Press, all the press like The Star, News Straight Times, Utusan, Berita Harian, The Sun and etc were not reporting the incidents in China in details.

To all the Chinese, by all mean, send your children to Chinese school, it is our mother tongue, it is the language of our ancestors, it is the key for your children to link themselves to the root, to study the history of Chinese and to acquire the wisdoms from the great China civilization.

(I will post the touching stories that mentioned on top in my next post in English)

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