Saturday, March 15, 2008

Personal Data Security

If you are asked for your name, IC and other details online, pause and think twice. You might be handling over your identity to a thief.

Banks, eBay and other companies will never send you an email to ask you to confirm passwords or account details.

Below are useful websites about personal ID security

Protection against ID misrepresentation
A huge but simple guide from the University of Michigan that explains how you can recognize ID theft scams online.

Details how popular scams work so you can avoid common pitfalls. If you are wondering how the Nigerian official who wants you to help steal millions from a forgotten bank account got your email address, check out this site.

Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT)
If you want to report suspicious, malicious or criminal activities online, or are curious to know about current online scams and problems plaguing users in Malaysia, visit this site for news and tips on incidence reporting.

A very classic example was Edison Chen’s sex scandal. Edison Chen and related female celebrities in the pornographic sex scandal are the victims of the online ID theft as the pornographic photos which are belongs to Edison Chen’s personal collection have been accessed and stolen by hacker and distributed globally.

It is no longer safe to store personal data in the online PC.

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