Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Internet, The Mankind Second Life

The Internet has become one of the necessities to the mankind. Some even live in the Internet.

If you are observance, you will notice that many young adult now a day are playing on-line game. These games are built to be comprehensive enough to enable players to communicate with each other, trade (sometime to get to spend real money to make a purchase for virtual items) besides completing the never ending missions.

Many people spent hours per day playing on-line game, or shall I named it as role playing on-line game. In the other word, they live the second life on-line.

The newspaper even has reported several cases that players suicide because of facing difficulties in the role playing on-line game. It is unbelievable that one opted to do such a stupid thing just because of the game, but it has happened and many more will come.

If we managed it properly, on-line game shall be something interesting. For example, you are able to meet up with friends on-line; team up for a mission. One, who is shy, can start making friends on-line before meeting up. Some even make a living on-line, for example “The Second Life” is a game that simulated the real life and enable player to make money in the game.

Live your life to fullest, the real life and the second the life.

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