Monday, March 24, 2008

Earning Money Blogs

Make money via blogging has become a hot topic nowadays.

According to a local newspaper, there are a few successful bloggers who earn some handsome income from their blog.

Liew Cheon Fong, 27 is earning a few thousands Malaysian Ringgit per month from his blog ( He has quitted his day time job and become a full time blogger in year 2005. The main stream of his on-line income is from Google Adsense.

Gobala Krishnan (, 27 is believed to earn more than Liew CF even though he is yet to be a full time blogger. His total on-line income including blogging is at the range of MYR 20,000 to MYR 30, 000 per month. is another blog that earns MYR 32, 000 per month, the earning is similar to a multi national corporate managing director income.

Vince Tan ( is also earning MYR 25,000 per month from Google Adsense with the Black Hat strategy.

The earning of these bloggers is very impressive, and the bonus to them is all the money earns from oversea is exempted from tax.

This is a good stream of income, what do you think?

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