Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Before the Date

Alright! You’ve got the date! Now what?

Pleasant and presentable is the way to go. Dress according to the occasion. If it’s a movie date, jeans and t-shirt for guys and jeans with a nice top for girls will do.

But if you’re going to a fine-dining restaurant, you may want to dress up slightly. Guys, ironed (not crumpled) shirts, and in my opinion, a pretty sundress for the girls does the trick.

When in doubt, remember it’s usually good to be over-dressed rather than underdressed.

Guys, please remember to comb your hair, trim your nose hair, shave and if you have tendency to sweat a lot, a dash of cologne or deodorant.

For the girls, please don’t overdo the perfume. French perfumer Annick Goutal, says,”Once it goes beyond your two-foot and three-foot personal space, perhaps you put on a bit more than you want to.” Just a whiff, dears, just a whiff.

If you’re using makeup, keep it light and fresh. Guys are generally put off by the caked-up, kabuki-mask look.

And be sensible, there’s a limit to suffering for beauty. Wear something comfortable, don’t wear stilettos if you’ll trip and fall flat on your face before you date knows you well enough to catch you!

If you’re little stressed out and butterflies have taken residence in your tummy, relax. It’s good sign! It means you’re excited to meet him/her, and you’ll be on your best behaviour. Try to give yourself an hour or two before the date where you’re not tied up with work, or rushing to your date from soccer match. This will give you time to calm yourself down, relax, and look forward to the date.

Try calling up a good friend for moral support as well.

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