Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 2 - Oxygen supply reduced to 23%

Papa brought you the baby bath gel, baby oil and wet tissue.
Because your mom is still at the hospital ward, Papa has to do the shopping with your 2 sisters.

Papa chose the most gentle type because you are so small.
Hope you like it.

Your grandfather has put up 2 suggestions for your name.
Papa and mom have chose to name you as "Hao" 浩.
The meaning is the grand, the great and the vast.

You did well on day 2.
The oxygen supply of the ventilator has reduced from day 1 40% to 35%.
On day 2, it has reduced to 25% in the morning and subsequently further reduced to 23%.
It shows that you are coping well with the oxygen intake.

You are more active now.
You are able to control your fingers better. You can open your palm and grip it.
You kick high with your right leg.
Because you are so active, and your hand tend to pull off the tape that hold the tubes, the nurse has to tie your hand to ensure you do not harm yourself by pulling of them.

You started to open your eyes.
You eye balls are turning right and left, are you wondering where are you?

I recorded your mom messages and keep playing to you.
I knew you can hear it.
The mom is teaching you how to breathe,  inhale, exhale.
Your mom also want you to be strong, and determine.
You get excited when I played you the records.

When I say good bye to you, I can notice your facial expression and you turn to me.
You are good boy, and very strong.
We know you will make it.

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