Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 1 - 2 doses of Surfactant

You are small and thin. At 28 weeks, your weight is only at 640g.
Doctor said you may have suffered for a long time in your mother's worm.

Doctors put you in the incubator and you are assisted with oxygen ventilator.
You are able to breath well with the aids and oxygen level in your blood is satisfactory .
You are treated with surfactant in the evening and will be followed by another dose in the midnight.

I touched your feet and palm. You knew it.
I guessed you like it, you kick back and press your foot on my finger.
You were gripping your palm.
You sensed papa, and I hope you are able to listen to me.
I told you "Baby, be brave, be strong, and grow fast and be healthy"

I hope you sleep well at night. See you later. 

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