Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Work Life Balance in 2012

It has been a while since I write about work life balance.

3rd January 2012 is the first work day of the new year. Everything as usual but corporate that I worked at has targeted a 20% increase in revenue.. What does it means? It means that the employees will need to work smarter and harder to achieve the corporate ultimate goal in the new year.

I left office at 8:30pm and reached home around 9:30pm. My soul and body has already exhausted at the moment I had my dinner. 

A balance life means spending 8 hours per day equally to 3 vital elements as below:
a. Family
b. Career
c. Rest, Health & Fitness

I have turned mid 30s in 2012. It is important to live a balance life everyday. If I live everyday like 3rd January 2012, basically I will achieve my career objective, spent no time with family and causing insufficient rest and jeopardise my health and fitness.

A lousy family life and unhealthy body will ended up causing you less efficient in your career.

If you are a boss running your own company or a department, please impart the work life balance lifestyle culture among your circles. A balance life will be able to create positive working environment and promote productivity.

In short, work life balance is a win-win-win deal to the 3 aspects of life as mentioned above.

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