Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Citibank Ready Credit Account Does Not Accept Foreign Currency Cheque

I have deposited my 6th Google Adsense Pay Check into the Citibank Ready Credit Account. In about 2 weeks time after I bank-in the US Dollar Currency Pay Check via Citibank ATM, the officer called me and informed me that they have to return the check because Citibank Ready Credit Account does not accept foreign currency check.

The officer replied as below when I seek for clarification.

"We have tried to clear the cheque into your Citibank Ready Credit Account, but it just didn't work out because it is not a saving account or current account. Citibank Ready Credit Account is like another credit card account."

The check is then returned by Citibank via registered mail.

Shall I switch to Western Union payment method for Google Adsense earnings?


Anonymous said...

why you don't try cimb bank?
and what happened to the chequ after that?

Marco said...

Hi Anonymous, I bank in the cheque into Maybank account, the processing fee cost me around RM50.


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