Thursday, December 29, 2011

Say NO to Passive Smoking 6

My father used to be a heavy smoker. He does not like to be passive smoker even though he was a smoker. That's why he never smoke at non-smoking areas. I am glad that he managed to quit smoking for health sake recently.

Today afternoon, we have visited to one of the Pappa Rich cafe in Klang Valley. We were seated at the air-conditioned area which is also an area that smoking is prohibited. The smoking area will be at the tables along the open air walkway).

While we were sipping our cup of tea and coffee, the annoying cigarette smoke irritated me. It was puffed out from a selfish culprit that smoked in the non-smoking area.

Selfish smoker

"I need air-cond, but wanted to smoke also, syiok!"
"Don't worry buddy, nobody will come after me smoking at prohibited area, this is Malaysia."

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