Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sales Consultant - The right approach

Today, I was enlightened by a speech from a very experience leader. He mentioned that all the sales executives shall have the objective to either improve the profitability or reduce the operating costs of the clients from the offering.

I still remember that when I was in Videojet business (industrial marking & coding), someone asked me about my career objective. The answer from me is as below:

"I would like to improve the productivity of the clients by offering the right solution that meets or exceeds industrial safety standards."

Be it industrial selling, corporates selling or retail business, sell only when there is a real requirements or needs. Do not push the items to the clients, especially in consumers business as it is sinful. And for buyers, you are sinful as well if you bought something that you do not need it.

When the item reached a person who does not need it, it will ended up as a rubbish. And, it takes a lot of resources to manufacture the rubbish and along the supply chain, it creates huge amount of carbon footprints.

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