Sunday, June 12, 2011

Annoying Neigbor

The quality of  neighborhood is one of the most important criteria to decide where we are going to live. Due to this reason, many of us is willing to pay some premium to stay at higher class residential areas that normally perceived to be safer and less annoyed.

6 years ago, I have bought my family a house in a upper middle class community. It was a new development at that time. The neighborhood are close to perfect, most of them are polite and considerate.

About a year ago, one of the house owner has moved out and come the new neighbor. This new comer has one very annoyed habit. He is a car lover, he will turn on his car engine twice a day during weekends, and each time will be at around 30 minutes. The worst part is it is an old car (Proton Lancer- Proton car but make up like a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution), the exhaust smile is terrible.

It is very annoying that when comes to weekend, most of us will need to close up the sliding door and windows twice a day, each time 30 minutes to prevent the hazardous exhaust gas from coming in to our house.

I'm not a car lover. can anyone tell me what is the purpose of turning on the engine and let it idle twice a day? The car is not idle during weekday, the bugger is driving it to work daily.

Car is just a machine that suppose to bring us from point A to point B. Definitely it has defeat the purpose if much attention is needed to keep the car in good condition (Anyhow I don't think the car is in good condition).

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