Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Be aware at car park zone

Another forwarded email that contained life saving information. Please read on.

Last Saturday, 11th April 2009, my girlfriend and I were in Mid Valley “The Gardens” for a movie. We finished around 8.40pm. I had parked my car just right above the ‘GSC Signature Cinema’ on the 5th floor. As we were getting into our car, we realized that the parking fee had not been paid. We decided to stop by the Auto pay station on the lower parking level to do the payment.

We drove 2 floors down and couldn't’t locate the Auto Pay Station. We decided to park our car at 2nd floor wondering if there should be a pay station in the mall at the lobby area. My girlfriend decided to wait in the car as she was on the phone. was walking into the mall looking for an Auto Pay Station, failing to find one, I decided to walk 1 floor down. About minutes time, my girlfriend called me on my mobile phone and she sounded terrified . She was shouting for help. She told me that there is a guy who is trying to get into the car. The guy was trying to get into the car very calmly, pretending getting into his own car. He failed to open and refuses to continue trying as he noticed that she was on the phone calling for help. Luckily, she had locked the door just right after I got out earlier. I run up as quickly as possible to reach her.
The moment I reached to the parking area, I saw the guy walking away slowly from the car. He was walking towards the ramp heading to the upper level. As I ran up the ramp, though I could still see him I realized that I was running away from my car again. It could be teamwork just to divert my presence from my car. I got back to my girlfriend quickly to calm her down.

We made an official report to the Mid Valley security management to investigate on the CCTV. It was a lesson learned for us to be more careful in the parking zones. I’m happy that my girlfriend is still here with me today. Please be watchful in parking zones.
Tips that we should be aware:
Never leave your family members/love ones and valuable items in the car at parking location.

Marco's comment:
It is important to hold a hand phone with camera. Besides calling for help, one can also snap the face shot of the buggers, this will be very helpful in getting rid of these social security threatening rubbish!


Celeste said...

i don't think the gardens have auto pay stations. you pay at the drive thru counter when you leave.

she could also try honking the horn to draw attention.

spBlogger said...

Luckily nothing happen to your girl friend and you. ^_^

maslight said...

Never leave your car unattended. I notice some ppl have this behavior of leaving a car with the engine running and the person would be smoking ciggies nearby. But obviously not near enuff to the car. So scary la this incident.


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