Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A coffee session with an inspiring lady

I was having a business discussion with one of the product executive from a very well-known IT distributor company at Starbulks Coffee in the afternoon.

This is not the first time I met her, we have met each other about a month ago at a luncheon where even we sat at the same table, due to the distance between our seats, we were not able to have much conversation.

Something worth mentioning was this is the first time that I used my Large Format Printer blogs as presentation material. I can see some positive response from her after the presentation (hopefully I'm right). To not get her bored, I decided put a stop on business talk and switched over to some casual discussion with the intention of getting to know each other better (don't get me wrong, I'm not tackling her).

I understand from her that many of the employees of the company she is working at are very happy with the company policies and cultures. The main points that worth to highlights are as below:

1. Work life balance is the value of the company.
2. The company offered reasonable remuneration and benefits.
3. The management of the company value efficiency, creativity and smart thinking than hard works.

She has elaborated further on point 1. This MNC is expecting the staffs to leave at 6:00pm. By 6:30pm, all the lights will be switched off. This measure is to cultivate work efficiency as well as conserve the energy.

Maybe this may also explains that why most of the staffs who work for this company looks healthy and energetic.

(Ironically, the time now has already passed 12:00am in the morning, I am still writing this post at this late hour because I just got back home 45 minutes ago from work and just can't get into the bed as my hair is still wet.)

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