Saturday, April 25, 2009

Non-money making pro-blogger

I've been blogging for 3 years. The traffic of my blogs has grown from zero visitor to approximately 50 unique visitors per day as of now.

To make my blog even better, I usually will surf around the blogsphere looking for pro-bloggers blogs hoping that I can learn some tricks from them.

Without fail, all the posts and topics discussed among there so called pro-bloggers are make money online, blog for money, how to monetize your blogs and so on. I've had over dosage over these topics already.

Today, I would like to recommend one of my favorite blog that is gaining its popularity without doing anything like SEO, page rank, backlinks, etc. The author of this blog who is also a friend of mine has built his blog purely for his hobby as well as one of the channel to speak out.

Visit and see the difference yourself.


Shu Fen said...

Hello! Visiting you from Innit (i'm ahcursed btw)

Good for you! I've been blogging for 4 months only so far :)

cheers! :D

stanleycheong said...

Thanks for the recommendation brother


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