Monday, April 13, 2009

A day off- Medical leave

It's a day off for me today due to a very bad sore throat that started one day ago. I guess my fever was due to the sore throat as well. I just felt I am not fit to work today while I was half way through to my office. I made a decision to visit a clinic and have a good rest for a day.

It was almost 30 months since my last medical leave (due to chicken pox). Medical leave is not common for me as I will still try the very best to make myself available to my boss, colleagues, staffs, customers and suppliers even though I was caught by mild flu, fever, cough and etc.

If you follow my blog, you will know that I am someone that stress very much on quality instead of quantity. Today is just the first work day of a week, knowing that there are several important tasks that need to be accomplished by this week, sacrificing 1 lousy work day and in return gaining back 4 quality work days would be a good option.

Upon reaching home, I saw my mom washing the car porch while my 2 daughters 4-year old and 2-year-old) were trying their best to give some help. They were surprised to see their dad coming back home before the moon replaced the sun. I just felt happy to see them enjoying themselves at home.

After taking the medication, I was prepared to take a good rest as it will defeat the medical leave if I don't do something that could boost up my immune system to fight the disease. I woke up naturally and it was already lunch hour. It was a golden opportunity to have lunch with my dad as normally all of them (my parents and kids) already taken their dinner while we reached home. I enjoyed the moment with my dad even though it was just something very simple and affordable (economic rice).

After lunch time, it is bedtime for the kids. This is also the very first for me to witness how my mom put these 2 babies to bed while we (my wife and me) are working. It was not easy as both of them are hyper-energetic.

I had some chats with my mom after both of them slept. can I call this as a quality moment? Yes, I seldom spend time to talk to my parents due to the hectic schedules.

My wife had also manage to make herself off the day on-time for today. In result, both of the kids manage to see their parents while the sun is still around. We have a early dinner, and in a relaxing mood. Unlike normal day, we reached home at around 8:00pm, it's just an hour before the kids bedtime. To prepare kids prior to bed, there is a lot of works to be done.

Yes, while my wife preparing the kids to bed, I am writing this post. I just want to tell you that how much I enjoy today even though with a very bad throat and some dizziness now. I can tell you that I am stress free now and in very good mood. In short, I believe, at least for me, mentally and emotional healthy is equally important to physical fitness.

Through a day off of medical leave, I found a better living style. To be more analytical, the reasons are as below:
1. I am able to spend quality moment to my parents.
2. I am able to join my kids while they are still naive and growing up.

The above 2 points just matched the reason of me keeping myself occupied:
1. To ensure my parents post retirement living quality.
(I believe money alone will not make them happy, some cares and time spent with the family is also vital.)

2. To ensure my family (my wife and kids) living quality.
(Again, after the monetary issues are fulfilled, we are looking for intangible aspects like love, care, attention and other values).

I think a lot today, about my life, my direction, the future of the family and stuff like that. I believe work-life balance is something that I shall focus on. To achieve work life balance, we must first learn to respect times as well as stress on quality on every tasks. Agree?

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