Thursday, April 30, 2009

Double Parking Bugger- Naza Ria WNN1627

It is just too much! I remembered few weeks ago, my car was blocked by a double parked Naza Ria with vehicle plate number WNN1627. There was the driver contact number left at the dash port, but nobody was picking up the line. Ended up, I've to borrow a car from my colleague as I need to attend to an important appointment.

Since that incident, I've been noticing that the car driver of the Naza Ria WNN1627 was double parked almost everyday and even though there were many empty car parks just a few steps away.
Just imagine, what will be the consequences if someone is rushing for an important event that matter a life and death and the car is blocked by another double parked vehicle?
If you are against double parking as well, please forward or share this posts to all your friends just to put the driver of WNN1627 at shame. (Please help to send this post to the driver if you know who is he/ she).

Hope this will also helps to stop the double parking culture among Malaysians.


bUttsH4k3r said...

why don't you print little posters and put it up on the walls of your area. make sure you also plop one on the shoplot the driver goes to.

fishtail said...

those kind of people probably think they're the king of the road. Trouble is, they get away scot free.

Marco said...

->bUttsH4k3r, it is a good idea. I shall consider to send these pictures to the General Affairs department for further action. By then all these pictures will be hang on the corporate notice boards.

->fishtail, the only way to punish them is embarrass these buggers via the Internet.

Jys said...

these ppl are really inconsiderate and selfish!! they should get triple saman!!


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