Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The customer service commitment of no.1 bank in Malaysia- Maybank Berhad

31st December 2008 is the last day of year 2008. I would like to take this opportunity to buy some stock from the share market. Blue chips like Resorts, Genting, Star are my first choice. To me, it is the right timing to go in to the weakened share market.

Again, the Malaysia no.1 bank, Maybank has failed me one more time. I am unable to log-in to my on-line stock trading account. After several attempt of trying, I have decided to contact the customer care via 1-300-88-6688.

The frustration is the so called no.1 bank in Malaysia delegates a machine operator to communicate with its valued customers. After selecting the preferred language, chosen the type of service (Maybank2U enquiry), and finally opt to speak to a human being, the phone was put on hold while waiting for the customer executive to pick up my call.

“Sorry, our customer executives are still busy, please hold we will attend to you shortly,” This sentence repeated for more than 15 minutes until I fed up and hang up the phone.

I have then made a call to Aseambanker (the stock trading subsidiary of Maybank). The customer care executive can’t really help and re-directed me to the so-called 24 hours Maybank customer care line. I asked if there is any alternate number because I have been waited for 15 minutes and nobody is attending to my call. The customer care executive seems like really understanding on my frustration and replied,” Sir, this is the only customer care number for Maybank2U.com enquiry.”

Without alternate choice, I give myself another try as well as giving another chance to Maybank to prove its customer service commitment. As expected, I have been put on hold for another 15 minutes and yet nobody is attending to me.

Is this the quality of customer service that the no.1 bank in Malaysia- Maybank Berhad providing to the customers?

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