Saturday, December 06, 2008

Old Town White Coffee- take your time

More than half a year ago, my wife and me were on one day leave to do some banking and financial arrangements.

On the way back to home, we were passing by a newly opened OldTown White Coffee outlet at Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur. We made an instant decision to drop by to enjoy a cup of coffee at the no hurry atmosphere.

It was such a precious moment that both of us were enjoying as we were not rushing as normal working day. Most of the city folks were rushing to work in the early morning, rushing to pick up the kids after work, rushing back to home before the moon changing shift with the sun, rushing to bed as tomorrow is going to be another busy day and etc.

I am still looking forward to enjoy this kind of relaxing moment with my wife, probably we shall have it at least once a month.

On 1st December 2008, theSun newspaper has published an advertorial of OldTown White Coffee, it explains how people lives in the old days, to me, this is how we shall live, as life shouldn’t be constantly in hurry. To live at leisure pace, let’s practise work life balance as a start.

Facts about OldTown: 50,000 people with only one doctor. How does OldTown cope?

They don’t. Because no one at OldTown gets sick. Amazing, you might say. How can one town be illness-free? Do they work out everyday? Do they takes tons of multi-vitamins, antioxidants and all those things that us normal folk ingest to have a healthy life? No.

To the people of OldTown, it’s really quite simple. They do things at an easy pace. They take their time but not in a painstaking, call-them-procrastinators way. But the kind that makes them enjoy each and every moment. Minute by minute. Second by second.

This no-rush attitude doesn’t mean doing less or having lower productivity. Rather, it means working and doing things with greater quality, perfections, with attention to detail and less stress. So multi-tasking to them is considered a big no-no.

People in OldTown tend to hangout a lot, too. It’s usually done in a typical OldTown coffee shop with cups of White Coffee. Coffee that is roasted so well, it results to a distinctive taste and deliciously strong aroma. So, there’s more coffee in every cup. That’s why people in OldTown take their time to savour each and every cup.

And let’s not forget the food. The really delicious food. Cuisine that OldTown is very much known for. This is the kind of food that’s worth taking your time to eat. Because it’s that good.

Now what to do while savouring White Coffee and yummy food? A lot, actually. People can have great conversations, relationship can be rekindled, jokes can be cracked (yes, even the corny ones) and smiles become brighter.

Nice isn’t? And healthy, too. No wonder people in OldTown don’t get stressed out. Because they live life at leisurely pace. The result? No heart attacks, no cancers, no high blood pressures, no diseases owed to stress. Oh, and since everyone take their time, no accidents, too!

Which bring us to an unemployed doctor with nothing to do. Well, not really. He’s actually a veterinarian who take care of OldTown’s animals. But, don’t worry, they’re not stressed either. But animals being animals, they just need a shot or two now and then.

I am not promoting the coffees and foods of OldTown at my blog, but I am promoting the ideal lifestyle that all of us shall aim for.

Oldtown coffee shops are not something new to Malaysian, and if you are foreigner who plan to visit Malaysia and would like to experience the above explained atmosphere, kindly visit OldTown website to locate the coffee shops at .

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