Sunday, July 20, 2008

Save Money Tips: Change Lifestyle Our Way

With the price of fuel going up, you can expect the prices of other goods to go up too. With politicians and economist s advising us to change our lifestyles, the problem is always where to start.

TheSun newspaper has several ideas (some better than others) on ways to save money while still being able to have fun.

1. Instead of ordering several different newspapers a day, cancel all but one or pick up theSun free paper! You can also switch to reading e-papers. You’ll save trees as well as money.

2. Keep very short hair. Opt for the bald look. Less styling products and shampoo means more cash for other things. And hats can be cool.

3. Limit your visits to those designer coffee cafés. A coffee or tea from local roadside stall can be just as satisfying and way cheaper. In fact, why not make it yourself at home and pack a flaskful to the office?

4. Check out the bargain bin in stores for basic clothing items. Second hand clothing stores are also good place for fashion at a fraction of its original price. You can alter old clothes and add accessories to turn them into ‘new clothes’. Swap clothes with friends of the same size.

5. Forget your gym membership and get your exercise elsewhere. Take long walks around your neighbourhood or local park. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Learn yoga or aerobics from videos or books that you can practice at home.

6. Switch to generic brands at your local hypermarket. Whether it’s coffee or shampoo, some generic brands work just as well as international brands, and at just cost of fraction of the price.

7. Watch more terrestrial television. Trust us- the programs have improved. If you must subscribe to cable TV, pick only the channel packages you will really watch. Visit friends who subscribe to the other packages.

8. Watch movies on weekdays when tickets are cheaper. If you can wait, rent your movies from the video store or borrow off friends.

9. On a similar note, if you’re a bookworm, share books with friends or rent them from a second hand bookstore.

10. Find alternate ways of family entertainment. Switch off the TV at least once a week and play board games, just like the good old days. Not only will it keep your minds sharp, families will be able and work together.

11. Instead of going out to restaurants with your friends, have potluck parties where everyone cooks something. It’s more fun and casual and friends will have more time to catch up.

12. It has been said many times before, but car pool whenever you can. You’ll save the environment and if everyone does it, there will be less jams on the roads.

13. Invest in energy saving lights for your home, as well as energy saving home appliances. In the long run, it will help lower your electricity bills.

14. Go to cobbler whenever your shoes need repairing instead of buying new ones every time. A little care takes your shoes a long way.

15. Cut down on sugar, alcohol and cigarettes, or better yet, cut them out altogether. If the price of essential good rises, sin taxes will too. Your body will also thank you for cutting back.

In my view, points 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15 are the practical money saving points to be considered. For point no. 5, … Take the stairs instead of the lift. …, before you try out this measure, please ensure that the stairs of your office premise is secured and it is not a smoking area.

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