Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How much can a pro-blogger earns via Google Adsense Ads?

While I am growing my blogs content in the organic way (maybe the phrase “not so aggressive” is more appropriate to be used here), it has been always a question of my mind that wonder how much could a blogger earns from Adsense program.

This doubt of mine was answered lately where I came to know that there is one of the pro-blogger in Malaysia who earns as much as USD 2700 monthly income from Google Adsense on-line advertising alone.

This amount is equivalent to a corporate managerial level monthly basic salary, and the beauty part of it is the Google Adsense pay check is exempted from income tax.

I have then further analyzed this pro-blogger’s blog contents; it was some total of 3000+ articles/posts in total.

Getting to know the benchmark has enabled me to gauge how far could I go as all the bloggers agreed that contents is the main driver of traffics, and then lead to the click through of the Googles Adsense Ads.

The bad news is there is still a far distance for me to achieve either 3000 blog posts or USD 2,700 Adsense monthly income looking at my current number of posts and earning.

But the good news is if one really put in effort with passions, to make some handsome earning via blogging is possible and it is proven.

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