Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Google Adsense Month of May, 2008 Performance

Generally my Adsense income is not performing well in the month of May year 2008.

The page impressions was exactly as month of April year 2008, but the number of click was reduced to almost half as compared to the April 2008 performance.

Possible causes of the slowdown of my Adsense earning.
1. Only one new post in my high pay per click blog.
2. Not much effort put in; basically all the blogs were left floating in the blog sphere.

I am making a strategic career move this month, and I got to say goodbye to the Dell Latitude D630, this will cause me inactive for a while until I got my new laptop from the new employer.

Hopefully this will not cause much impact to the June 2008 Adsense income performance.

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