Sunday, June 29, 2008

Let’s go on more fuel-efficient journeys

The recent crude oil price rally has burden most of us. While many of us are trying to cut cost here and there to accommodate the high energy cost era, below are a few driving tips from Proton that could help you to save some petrol consumption.

With a few adjustments to your driving habits, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save. Try these driving tips today and make your journeys ahead pleasant and economical.

Going uphill and on winding roads:
Your car will start gulping fuel if you don’t drive correctly in these conditions. Start climbing with a low gear and move your way up as speed increases. While doing so, avoid flooring the accelerator. Depress it progressively and be patient.

On highways:
Achieve an ideal speed by shifting gears accordingly. Then, reduce acceleration when it is possible, like when you’re going downhill or at corners. Let the car’s momentum drive you forward while you’re at it enjoy the view.

General driving:
Patience is key. Avoid accelerating unnecessarily within short distances and abrupt braking.

In traffic jams:
Go slow on the accelerator. You aren’t going to get far with the jam ahead anyway. Avoid frequent gear changes and use the correct gear according to speed. Shift to neutral whenever possible.

Other tips:
-Ensure that your tyres are pumped to the correct pressure to reduce resistance while driving.

-The more weight your car carries, the more fuel it burns. Remove unnecessary cargo from your car.

-Keep windows closed when traveling at high speeds to avoid wind resistance.

-Check your air filter. A clean filter lets your engine breathe easier. And always use original parts.

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