Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sex Scandal

“The health minister admits he was caught on video having sex with woman, but will not quit; leaves future to the Prime Minister.”

This was the morning breaking news reported by the radio on 2nd January 2008. What a day light lightning and it was happening on the first working day of year 2008.

A few years ago, the US President at that time was committed to sex scandal with his secretary. The difference were one caught in the sex video while the latter was accused by the sex partner with evidence such as love letters, cigar that inserted to the secretary vagina, full elaboration on location and positions while the secretary is performing oral sex to him.

Finally the former President has admitted to the sex scandal and apologized on press conference with the supports of his family. In result, the people of United States have accepted the apology. The sex scandal has not jeopardized his politics path but in reverse has boosted his popularity to sky rocket.

Another incident that happened not far ago was the sex video of Paris Hilton. The sex video has been widely distributed; exposing Paris Hilton's sex life to the world. But the sex scandal has not set her career to sunset; today Paris Hilton is one of the most popular Hollywood female celebrities.

What would be the outcome of the Malaysia Health Minister Datuk Seri Doctor Chua Soi Lek? To respect his privacy, his future should not falls under the sex video as he is also one of the victims in the incident. To look at the scenario positively, this gentleman has got the guts to admit that he was the one in the sex video.

On the next day, Datuk Seri Doctor Chua Soi Lek has announced his resignations on all the positions held in the government agency and Malaysia Chinese Associations (MCA) in a press conference.

A day before he has mentioned that he will not quite but leaves the future to the Prime Minister; a day after, the scenario reversed.

Until now, nobody knows who the master mind behind the trap is. But the intention is very clear; it is all about politic agenda.

The question of mine is it is a political power wrestling of MCA or it is the directive of UMNO which have another set of political agenda.

Whatever it is, the people of Malaysia have lost a great leader who is passionate to serve the people.

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