Saturday, January 19, 2008

First Cheque from Google Inc. (Adsense Program) -continued

Before I bank in the pay cheque issued by Google Inc., some survey of the bank charges in foreign currency transaction has been carried out.

I remember I have read something on the charges at, hence what I have done is just visit the website and key in key word "Google cheque" into the Google search tool bar at

HSBC is one of the bank which offers very reasonable fee for foreign cheque transaction and so happen that I have a current account with them. I have visited HSBC branch which is located at Uptown Damansara and spoke to a customer service staff for assistance.

The customer service staff seems to be very surprise in regards with my enquiry. A higher rank officer has taken over from there. He is very helpful where I would like to state down the useful information disclosed from this gentlemen at below for your reference:

1. Cheque from Google Inc. could be bank in via ATM machine regardless of the currency.

2. Under the United States (US) Government rules and regulations, the US Government reserved the right to withdraw the money paid out from US to countries outside US within the 7 years of the transaction. (It is something to deal with anti-terrorist regulations).

A few day after I bank in the cheque, I received a telephone call from HSBC officer wanted me to clarify on the payment because under Malaysia Government rules and regulations, the bank need to declare the income that is paid in foreign cheque. A explaining how I got the cheque, he said that this is under "Internet Advertising Income".

Well, this is something from me, hopefully this is useful to Bloggers who participated in Google Adsense program.

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