Friday, January 04, 2008

First Cheque from Google Inc. (Adsense Program)

I have just received the first Google Inc. payout on the Adsense program. It was an encouragement to me, not because of the monetary aspect, but because of the increase of the readers on my sites.

The amount is approximately USD 100 (MYR 328), it is not a lot but this figure was contributed by some thousands of clicks because the average pay out per click on my bogs is at 2-3 cents.

Three of my blogs have contributed to this income:

1. Health & Beauty Tips
- Having most visitors. 2-3 cents per click

2. Self Help
- Moderate visitors. 2-3 cents per click

3. Industrial Marking & Coding Technologies
- Fewer visitors, but it contributes about 50 cents per click in average.

I have no intention to optimized the blogs by adding metal tags, using high hit rates key words and stuff like that because to me posting high quality articles is most important to make the blogs famaous.
Thank you for your support and Happy New Year!
Read the continued article with title: First Cheque from Google Inc. (Adsense Program) -continued

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