Monday, September 12, 2011

Nobody owes you a living!

"You got to be responsible to yourself. Nobody owes you a living!"

The above statement was my advise to my sub-ordinates when I was still running the industrial inkjet printer business in Malaysia. At that period of time, I wanted all the sales engineers under my leadership to be productive and professional. I wanted them to be on par with me in time to come. And I believe by awakening their sub-conscious mind is one of the ways that give them the ultimate motivation to strive for greater achievements.

I left the less glamor industry and joined a European based Fortune 500 company to pursue my dream to work in a corporate world.  As a principle man, I do not agree with the marketing direction of this European company because I found it is misleading.

I have then joined another Asia based Fortune 500 company. After about 2-year working in this corporate, I have started to settle down, built my comfort zone. But, I still constantly remind myself that I shall not take things for granted, things might change in the not too distant future.

The corporate exercises such as change of immediate superior, change of corporate structure, change of work environment or place of work, change of pay scheme and etc that may disfavor or shortchange you. While we are doing well now, it is important for us to live a prudent and frugal lifestyle to ensure the household expenses are taken care off when things do not work out as you thought.

Better still if we are able to generate steady passive income that enables us to maintain current lifestyle even thought we decided to quit the job or being retrenched.

Last but not least, never leave your fate to the corporate or someone else as they do not owes you a living. Be responsible to yourself and your family!

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