Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mobile lifestyle

Mobility is always the way of my lifestyle. As a consultant, my job is to educate and provide relevant information to my clients at on-demand basis. A part from serving clients, the guy who sign my pay cheque is also expecting me to feed him with business update information as and when it is needed. 

Hence, to fulfil the on-demand requirements from the clients and bosses, many of my peers are opting to standby in the office with all the office facilities ready and materials in hand. But, this is not a productive way of work because times will be wasted if there is no urgent enquiries and adhoc business reports. Being idle at the office standby for such adhoc tasks is just not productive.

Leverage mobile technologies will be the answer to improve productivity. Below are some key devices that are essential for people on the move.
1. Mobile phone
2. Laptop with mobile broadband
3. Personal or company website that serve the FAQs. (I used blogspot for this purpose, visit my blog)
4. External storages- working documents in digital formats.

It is time for me to enhance the item 3 & 4 to improve the productivity yield while being mobile.

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