Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What kids really want?

My mom was away from home for 5 days to attend a funeral ceremony. It was a last minute decision, and my wife have to take annual leave to take care of our kids for these 5 days.

The kids enjoyed the 5 days time spent with their mom. 

At the fifth day, both my kids were asking if their mother could be at home instead of being a career woman because they enjoyed the time spent with their mom, from breakfast, shower, lunch, afternoon nap, tea time, evening exercise and all the other activities.
If possible, they also want me to be at home with them as well.

Eventhough they are at 6 and 4-year-old, I tried my very best in explaining the reasons of why both their daddy and mommy need to work at this moment.

I believe what kids really want is to have their loves one with them especially the parents.

Hopefully I will be able to sustain the family expenses with single income of mine in shortest time. This will enable my spouse to be a full time house wife.

The message from the kids have stimulate my desire to achieve the goal of financial freedom. It is not because of materialism, but to enrich the childhood of my kids, and spent more time with my aged parents.

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