Saturday, November 21, 2009

Parenting tips

Some useful pointers for the first-time parents as well as parents with new born to the family.

Walk the talk
Most parents want their children to be polite and use words like 'please' and 'thank you', but if children don't hear adults using the words regularly, they are unlikely to use them either. Make an effort to be polite in front of your children and they are more likely to behave that way too.

Emphasize with the child
Promote empathy in children by talking to them about stories you have read or films they have watched. For instance, if you have been reading Cinderella, talk to them about how upset she was because of her stepsisters were mean to her.

Avoid yes or no questions
Once your child nears the age of two, their favorite word will become 'no'. It's not that they really mean it. It's just they are learning that they have some control over their world. If you find it hard to deal with it, try cutting out 'yes' and 'no' questions and ask things like:'would you like yoghurt or strawberries?' instead of "would you like some dessert?"

Simplify tasks
Frustration is a growing pain for children when they try to do something and invariably find they can't quite do it yet. Help the young by giving them toys or tasks they can manage and help them along when they encounter difficulty. Simple tasks like cleaning up can give children confidence in doing things.

Dealing with depression
Even children can get depressed. If your toddler doesn't seems to be happy or is acting strangely, try to find out what's upsetting him or her. If nothing seems to work, take the child to a doctor immediately.

Play together
Keeping a positive attitude and playing with your toddler can help lift your spirits, even when you are feeling down. Make an effort to find the time to indulge in fun-filled activities with your child.

Never home alone
Do not leave your baby or young child at home alone, sleeping or awake, even for a few minutes. There could be sine dangers lurking around that you may not be aware of. Take your child with you, or get someone to take care of him or her, whenever you leave the house.

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Jayce said...

This tips will come in handy when I deal with kids. ;)


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