Sunday, September 06, 2009

How fast does time pass?

During my bachelorhood, I always thought that I am young and there are still many goals in life to be achieved before giving some priority to the family.

I have not noticed how fast does time pass until I become a father-of-two. The fast progress of my 2 growing up kids has signaled me that time is passing really fast.

How fast does time pass? My answer would be time is passing at light speed.

There is nothing we can do to slow down the time passing speed. As a son, husband and father, below are some reminders I listed down for myself.

1. Spend time with the kids when they need you most. A kid will never be able return to the baby stage once it passed. Go through their growing up stages in life with them. After all, they will start to be independent and treasure their very own life after their college study.

2. Take care of the parents while they are still around. It is too late to regret when one has left the world.

3. Love your spouse as he or she is the only one who will be going through the remaining stages of your life with you. That's why the definition of spouse is life partner.

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