Sunday, August 30, 2009

RE: Do you know you pay a lot to and fro from work?

Do you know you pay a lot to and fro from work? Yes, I do.

If you are a Malaysians who lives in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, I doubt that if anyone will disagree the above question.

The Star deputy executive editor, Mr. Soo Ewe Jin has posted an article with the title of "Do you know you pay a lot to and fro from work? " at Thestar Online. (Link to the full article.)

“The Japanese are very punctual. I could leave my house at 8.45am and arrive before 9am, ahead of my staff. And we all left at 5.30pm sharp. I travelled to all the scenic spots throughout Japan during my time there, as weekends were truly free days,”

“Office hours were very strict. If you wanted to stay back after 5pm, you had to make a request in writing. No one ever does that because in the management’s eyes, anyone who had to stay back is either not doing his work well or plain inefficient,”
The above statements were made by 2 of the Ewe Jin's friends who has a chance to be posted on overseas corporate.

Why did Malaysians worked so late neither he or she are working for a Japanese corporation or a European corporation?

In my view, there could be a few factors that contribute to this phenomenon.
1. 'Kiasu' culture- Staying back has somehow perceived a way of the management in gauging the employees commitments toward the work. Hence, many employees are staying back for the sake of hoping to gain some credit from the superior.

2. Avoid traffic jam- This could be the true reason of the majority of the Malaysians who preferred to stay back for an extra 1-2 hours to prevent traffic jam.

3. No time discipline- If one is respecting time, one will plan ahead to ensure all the daily tasks are completed within the day itself. When you have no time discipline, you will compensate your inefficiency by staying back to get things done.

Are you staying back at the office after office hour? What is the reason?

If the reason is as stated at no. 1 or no.3 point, by reading this self help blogs or other related books, you will find your way out.

If the reason that kept you staying back late in the office is due to the traffic, the one who can really give you a hand would be the Malaysia transport minister, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat. But at this moment, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat who is also the MCA president is too busy to spare his time in addressing the Malaysians traffic issue which falls under his transport ministry responsibilities as right now he is allocating his full attention in ways to eliminate his deputy president Datuk Seri Chua Sok Lek as well as the RM 10Millions scandal.

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min said...

I love to comment this. Malaysian culture is the one to be blame here.
Stay late => Committed to work, dedicated to work. This is totally absurd. Once, a management manager (especially from the very top) look at the watch or commented the fellow who leave 5pm on the dot, Malaysian manager tend to have the mindset, is he working or not. This is the whole trouble with Malaysian management.
To me, it is inefficiency to work long hours. You stay back longer, the inefficient you are. but sad to say, malaysian managers tend to reward those late stayers, equating them to hard working, dedicated and ..... They did not know some are just putting up a show.


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