Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Record Adsense Page Impressions

My Google Adsense page impressions rate is growing at very slow pace since I started blogging.

It has taken up almost 3 years time to grow my Adsense page impressions rate from the range of 0-6 impressions to 40-50 page impressions. Sometimes, it may hits up to 70+ impressions per day.

Since a week ago, I noticed that my average page impressions per day is at the range of 60-70. What happened on yesterday my Adsense page impression has hit up to 92 page impressions. Hopefully the sudden surge of my Google Adsense page impressions is sustainable and not a short term kind of stuff.


DannyArcher said...

according to google adsense TOC, you're not allowed to show ur CTR.

Marco said...

Hi Dannyarcher, thanks for reminding. I have removed the image that shows CTR.


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