Saturday, August 30, 2008

30 ways to save water in and around the house

It is a fact that clean water shortage is a global concern and it is the responsibility of every individual, young and old to conserve water. Below is a list of informative tips in saving water.


1. Use a toilet bowl with smaller flushing capacity (for example 6 liters or less per flush) or place a bottle of water in the tank to reduce water for each flush.

2. Minimize the number or flushes made in a day.

3. Check regularly for leakages: add food colour to the tank and look out for coloured water spills during or after flushing.


4. Take shorter showers or install a low flow showerhead.

5. Place a bucket near the shower to collect excess water during bath and the water can be used for other purposes.

6. Turn off the shower while lathering soap.


7. Don’t let the water run while shaving, brushing teeth or washing your face. The best practice is to collect water in a pail and use it.

8. Repair dripping taps.


9. Water the lawn early in the morning or late evening to avoid evaporation from hear and wind.

10. Don’t over water the lawn. Avoid watering during rainy season.

11. Adjust sprinkler to avoid over watering. In the case of a small garden, usage of hose is advisable.

12. Regularly check sprinkler setting and timer.

13. Avoid over fertilizing or use a slow release water soluble form of nitrogen.

14. Choose a water efficient landscape or garden.

15. Keep the grass about 6cm long because taller grass holds water better.

16. Use a broom to clean driveways and sidewalk rather than flushing the rubbish with water.

17. Use watering cans whenever possible especially when watering patio plants.


18. Avoid running water while washing dishes. Fill the sink and use the water.

19. Always turn off your taps tightly so that it does not leak.

20. Store a bottle of water in the refrigerator or use ice if you want cold water.

21. Wash your produce in the sink or a container that is partially filled with water instead of running water.

22. Run the washing machine on full load. Each time the washing machine runs, it uses the same amount of water.


23. Use a bucket when washing the car rather than a hose.

24. Prevent any type of oil from spilling as it takes a lot of water and soap to wash the floor.

Other tips

25. Be well informed and participate at public meetings in water issues in your area.

26. Check all water related pipelines consistently to avoid interior leakages.

27. Immediately report broken pipes/ infrastructures to the relevant authorities.

28. Encourage water conservation activities to be taught in school.

29. Support the government’s call to conserve and save water.

30. Use water harvested from rain in garage and garden and if possible even for toilet flushing.

Source: FOMCA

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