Monday, November 21, 2016

Time to change

Work life balance is always one of my top priorities back in 2007.

I wanted to pursue my desire life styles, do what I enjoy and spend quality moments with my love ones.

However the priority has been deviated along the way when we progress at workplace as well as entering different stages in life.

Because I am passionate about my work,  I do not and have no intention to draw a line between work life and after work life.

And due to this, I have put in more and more efforts and time to my office. 

Looking back, I have spent more than 12 hours to my work for more than 24 months. 

I am a little bit tired now and felt that it is time to adjust for a betterment.

Maybe I shall thanks to the "adversity" that trigger me to reconsider on how I move on from now.

This is a matter that worth to put some serious thought.

Back to basic and change.

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