Saturday, November 12, 2016

Selfish and Careless Nissan Sentra Driver WGQ6208

As usual, the urban streets in one of the Klang Valley townships are busy and full with vehicles, and many of the cars are double parks.
The driver of Nissan Sentra WGQ6208 is believed to be overshot to the auto accessories shop he wanted to drop by. Instead of making a turn, which will not cause him much time, he was reversing his car along the street that were packed with double parked cars.
I was just behind this selfish driver. Trying to reverse park my car. It took me a while as the road was narrowed with double parked car. The Nissan Sentra WGQ6208 driver did not care about the road safety, he just reverse his vehicle, going very close to my car, even thought I have put up the "honk" as signal for him to stop. This selfish driver did not stop, and his vehicle go backward all the way to almost hit my car.
Shame of you, Nissan Sentra WGQ6208 driver.

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