Sunday, September 12, 2010

Say NO to Passive Smoking 4

I hate to be a passive smoker. I believe most of the the non-smokers are like me, we hate passive smoking.

I have visited to Mutiara Complex at Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur on 20th August 2010, it is a run down shopping complex. One of the very obvious scenario that tells if the shoppin mall is well doing or the reverse is the quality of crowds.

All of us know that air-conditioned or covered public area like Mutiara Complex is prohibited from smoking, but you will find many of the crowds just playing ignorance and the toxic smoke were all around the mall.

The picture above showed a very sad scenario. The father was shopping with his wife and son with the cigarette on hand. This guy is poisoning his own son and wife by supplying them the toxic passive smoke. Everywhere they go, the hazardous gas will be puffing around by the their lovely daddy or husband.

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alantanblog said...

A very bad example to set for the children!


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