Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Milk and Melamine

I received this forwarded mail from one of my ex-colleague. Initially I thought this might be another forwarded email with bad intention, but I do know that the said company did engaged packaging contractor to erase the printed expiry date of the milk powder and re-print with a new expiry date.

Besides, after Melamine scandal in China as well as researches that debate that milk create more harm than goods and stuff like that, it is time for human kind to reconsider if we shall blindly follow the saying of the milk manufacturers marketing ads that cry that 'Milk is essential food'.

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Even though the Health Ministry of Malaysia announced that the Fonterra Brands are safe, and they are using New Zealand or Australia milk ingredient, but I really doubt it.

The tainted milk powder scandal in China started with the Sanlu Company. Fonterra ( the New Zealand Company which owns Anlene brand ) holds 43% stock of Sanlu Company ! I suspect all the milk ingredient of Fonterra brands sold in China ( or perhaps in South East Asia ) actually come from China !

Fonterra, being a reputable New Zealand diary company should be blamed for the scandal ! If they are really a responsible company, then how come they only discovered this issue so late ! It is suspected Sanlu Company started adding Melamine ( the deadly chemical ) into the milk powder from 2005 !!! Fonterra has 3 top executives in the Board of Directors of Sanlu Company, they should have known the first-hand news much earlier, at least more than a year ago !!! How come they did not take stern and corrective action to stop this from happening. They just put 100% blame on the Chinese company.

In China , the Anlene milk container has label that reads " 100% milk powder imported from New Zealand ". In actual fact, they have been using the China local milk source. Fonterra has been charging expensive price to Chinese consumers and portray their company as a reputable foreign brand. After the tainted milk powder scandal in China , all the Anlene and other Fonterra brands have been recalled and taken off from supermarket shelves. I can't find any of them in any supermarkets and pharmacies that I used to buy this brand from.

Better think twice and be sure that the Anlene and Fernleaf brands sold in Malaysia are 100% safe!

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